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StorageConsole Backup Manager: Backup Reporting

Lower costs and protect investments with all-in-one storage backup data protection for virtual environments. APTARE® StorageConsole® Backup Manager includes a complete range of features to increase backup reliability while simplifying and centralizing your storage environment.

StorageConsole® Backup Manager is a complete solution for backing up and restoring data. This unique web-based console lets you access your backup and recovery data at any time, from any location, using any browser. Managing your backup environment has never been easier.
  • Get centralized, real-time views of your enterprise backup and recovery environment with APTARE’s at-a-glance analytics dashboards.
  • Dramatically reduce the time, effort, and costs of managing your storage backup processes while ensuring a higher rate of backup and recovery success.

Backup Manager is part of the APTARE StorageConsole platform, and 100% compatible with all other APTARE software. It works seamlessly with our other programs to organize all of your management data in a central location.


Increase Backup and Restore Success

  • Backup and Restore Summary: Get instant summaries of successful, partial, and failed backups that guide you straight to the cause of reported problems.
  • Discover At-Risk Data: Automatically identify unprotected clients and data sets.
  • Eliminate “false positives.” Identify partial and failed backups incorrectly reported as successful.

Improve Capacity Planning

  • Drive Utilization: See which drives are underutilized or overloaded, so you can balance them more optimally.
  • Media Forecasting Dashboard: Backup Manager forecasts your capacity needs based on current and historical tape consumption, so you always know when you’ll need more space well in advance.
  • Tape Media and Disk Utilization: Know the status of your media with capacity indicator bars and availability warnings. Manage backup environments proactively.

Streamline Auditing and Compliance Reporting

  • Generate customized, clear, and accurate reports anytime with standardized, automated data collection techniques
  • Mission Control Dashboard: get real-time snapshots of every server with our specialized compliance dashboard.
  • Create specialized access keys for internal or external auditors to see the files they need, so you don't have to spend any time babysitting.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA): track backup performance against established SLA levels.

Improve Backup Performance

  • Disk Usage and Performance: Track average job write speed with reports of disk usage and total GB written to drives.
  • Drive Performance Summary: Easily identify drives that are underperforming and need repair.
  • Client Usage: See which clients are most heavily used and take action to load balance more efficiently.
  • Virtual Tape Library Support: Comprehensive reporting on VTL appliances that provide forecasting, trending and asset management.


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