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StorageConsole Backup Manager: Backup Reporting

Managing a complex enterprise-wide backup infrastructure can be a daunting task requiring countless hours gathering information and poring over logs and spreadsheets.

APTARE® StorageConsole® Backup Manager software simplifies and centralizes this task giving you “real time” management and control of your storage environment, while dramatically reducing the time and effort otherwise required. The unique browser-based console lets you access your backup and recovery data at any time, from any location using any browser.  Backup reporint has never been easier.


  • Reduced cost of data management
  • Anytime access to the details of your storage environment
  • Powerful graphics-based dashboard provides critical, at-a-glance analytics
  • Diagnose problems at the root level, isolating problem files
  • Ensures higher rate of backup and recovery success across your entire storage infrastructure
  • Forecasts availability and consumption levels based on actual metrics, enabling you to maximize existing equipment and realize higher ROI
Media Forecasting Dashboard (click to enlarge)
Job Summary with Scope Designer (click to enlarge)
Backup Job Detail (click to enlarge)
Drive Perfromance (click to enlarge)
Data Domain System Performance (click to enlarge)
Current Media (click to enlarge)
Backup Operations Dashboard (click to enlarge)
Backup Billing and Chargeback (click to enlarge)
Tape Drive Usage (click to enlarge)
Storage Unit (click to enlarge)
Scratch Tape Usage and Forecast (click to enlarge)
Operations Dashboard (click to enlarge)