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StorageConsole Capacity Manager:
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APTARE® StorageConsole® Capacity Manager software helps you maximize utilization of your existing software without sacrificing performance.  The agent-less software gives you a 360° view of your total storage capacity, accurately pinpointing allocation and consumption across your organization.

Capacity Manager is fully integrated into the APTARE® StorageConsole® platform and 100% compatible with all of our other programs. Storage capacity forecasting and storage capacity planning has never been easier.


  • Enables IT to maximize storage capacity
  • Delays need to purchase additional storage
  • Reports on individual host allocation and consumption
  • Forecasts future storage requirements from each host
  • Alerts IT administrators to hot spots and areas requiring additional storage
  • Illuminates "over-provision" of storage for data-rich applications
  • Customizable reports
  • Accurate reporting yields accurate chargeback
Aggregated Chargebacks (click to enlarge)
Application Storage Dashboard (click to enlarge)
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Array Capacity Forecast (click to enlarge)
Array Port Utilization (click to enlarge)
Capacity Dashboard (click to enlarge)
Capacity Dashboard (click to enlarge)
Chargeback Array Capacity (click to enlarge)
Chargeback by Host (click to enlarge)
Hitachi DP Pool Utilization (click to enlarge)
Host at Risk (click to enlarge)
LUN Utilization Summary (click to enlarge)
NetApp Aggregate Summary (click to enlarge)
NetApp Storage Detail (click to enlarge)
Over-Provisioned Hosts (click to enlarge)
Over Provisioned LUNs (click to enlarge)