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  • Provides valuable insight into storage consumption and capacity, giving you the information you need to make smarter procurement decisions
  • Maximizes utilization of your storage environment without sacrificing performance
  • Holistic visibility of the storage environment coupled with the ability to drill down to individual devices enables an effective chargeback solution

A lack of visibility into your storage environment hampers your ability to efficiently and effectively provide storage services consistently across the organization. APTARE® StorageConsole® Capacity Manager provides a holistic view of the storage environment while giving you the ability to drill down to individual devices to pinpoint allocation and consumption across the organization.

True 360° visibility enabled by Capacity Manager allows organizations to implement and streamline advanced storage functions such as auditing, capacity planning and chargeback that further create efficiencies.

Capacity Manager is fully integrated into the APTARE® StorageConsole® platform and is 100 percent compatible with all of our other products and solutions


Aggregated Chargebacks (click to enlarge)
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Capacity Dashboard (click to enlarge)
Capacity Dashboard (click to enlarge)
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Hitachi DP Pool Utilization (click to enlarge)
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Over-Provisioned Hosts (click to enlarge)
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