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APTARE StorageConsole Fabric Manager

Got a complex, unwieldy SAN environment? We can help. 

APTARE® StorageConsole® Fabric Manager software lets you visualize your entire SAN topology so that you can proactively manage and control the very “fabric” of your storage infrastructure. 

Our proprietary technology gives you clear insight into your SAN configuration, providing you with a “host-to-storage” interactive dashboard that lets you optimize your storage resources by identifying bottlenecks, alerting you to hot spots and clearly delineating storage pathways.


  • Change-management tools survey storage infrastructure
    • Alert IT to critical changes
    • Provide trend analysis with cause and effect results
  • Visibility into all SAN components including routing paths, switch configurations and connectivity
  • Graphical representation of SAN from virtual and physical servers to storage system
  • Captures key performance metrics and details in reports
  • Detailed accounting of SAN resources feeds forecast, analysis and usage reports
Port Performance Summary (click to enlarge)
Port Summary (click to enlarge)
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Host Capacity & Utilization Dive Down (click to enlarge)
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SAN Fabric Summary (click to enlarge)
Host to Storage Dashboard (click to enlarge)
Port Performance Dashboard (click to enlarge)