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APTARE StorageConsole Fabric Manager

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  • Provides visibility into all SAN components including routing paths, switch configurations and connectivity
  • Captures key performance metrics and details of SAN resources—feeding forecast analysis and usage reports
  • Test proposed changes to the storage infrastructure before deployment, identifying disruptive changes, trend analysis and cause and effect results

Despite the growth of cloud storage services, Storage Area Networks (SANs) continue to do the heavy lifting in enterprise storage environments—often leading to complex and unwieldy heterogeneous networks. APTARE® StorageConsole® Fabric Manager allows you to visualize your entire SAN topology from a single dashboard—regardless of platform.

This holistic visibility allows organizations to proactively manage and control the fabric of your storage infrastructure, giving you clear insight into SAN configurations through a “host-to-storage” interactive dashboard. Administrators can then identify bottlenecks and hot spots, allowing you to clearly delineate storage pathways.

Fabric Manager is fully integrated into the APTARE® StorageConsole® platform and is 100 percent compatible with all of our other products and solutions.