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Managing enterprise data is a critical and monumental task. Unstructured data, often found in emails, documents and digital media, further fuels the fire as IT managers are left struggling to discern which files are critical to the enterprise, duplicates, stale, or worse yet, inappropriate and non-compliant. APTARE® StorageConsole® File Analytics software manages your vast repository of data, helping you reduce storage costs along with corporate risk.

Using proprietary agent-less data collection technology, File Analytics software gleans information from the file systems deployed within complex heterogeneous environments, storing it in a purpose-built database. The result: complete visibility into the billions of files within your organization. Reports indicate inappropriate data use, assist with legal and regulatory compliance and identify duplicate and obsolete data for improved storage tiering.


  • Vendor-independent, proprietary technology provides an end-to-end view of your entire storage environment
  • Optimizes data center file management reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Reduces IT hours required to manage data
    • Reclaims valuable storage, maximizing existing investment
    • Informs purchasing decisions, helping IT manage tight budgets
  • Aggregates, analyzes and appropriates files based on corporate policies
  • Helps IT meet compliance and other regulatory requirements
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