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  • Curbing the Capacity Challenge

    Curbing the Capacity Challenge
    6.19.2015—One of the many challenges enterprises face today is what to do with the large amounts of data they collect and generate. Sifting through this data to decide how much of it is relevant can be as daunting a task as finding a means of storing it. Several businesses have found themselves in a situation where data is continuously pouring in, but their capacity to store it is being pushed to the brink.

  • Powering The Cloud - ewolucja w data center

    Powering The Cloud - ewolucja w data center
    11.19.2014—Powering The Cloud to cykliczna impreza goszcząca firmy z branży sieciowej pamięci masowych raz wirtualizacji oraz sieci. W tym roku do Frankfurtu przyjechało 126 wystawców, a motywem przewodnim spotkania była przyszłość centrów danych.

  • Aptare se positionne en alternative aux outils SRM des géants du stockage

    Aptare se positionne en alternative aux outils SRM des géants du stockage
    11.7.2014—A l’occasion du récent salon Powering the Cloud qui se tenait les 28 et 29 octobre à Francfort, LeMagIT a rencontré Rick Clark le CEO et fondateur d’Aptare, un éditeur spécialisé dans la gestion du stockage (ou SRM, pour Storage Ressource Management).

  • Aptare StorageConsole 9 Feature Pack One

    Aptare StorageConsole 9 Feature Pack One includes support for EMC Isilon and self-service custom reporting
    7.28.2014 — APTARE, Inc., in data center optimization software, announced a new release of its platform, StorageConsole 9 Feature Pack One.

  • APTARE - How Effective is Chargeback in Changing User Behavior?

    APTARE - How Effective is Chargeback in Changing User Behavior?
    5.20.2014—Chargeback is the really only true way to effect change to the user, right, to get the user to do something, a.k.a., actually delete some stuff.

  • 63% Growth in Customer Acquisition

    Top Fastest Growing Storage Companies in 2013
    2.5.2014—They are all privately held and about never reveal their sales. But a bunch of them have published press releases demonstrating their growth in percentage of bookings or in number of customers. We have classified here these firms depending on their published growth.

  • 63% Growth in Customer Acquisition

    63% Growth in Customer Acquisition for Aptare in 2013
    2.4.2014— Now with 1,100 clients

  • What's in store for storage in the year ahead?

    What's in store for storage in the year ahead?
    1.14.2014—The ink is barely dry on the final deals from 2013 but the industry is already looking ahead at what will be flying off the shelves in 2014. And when it comes to storage, some of the trends that will take centre stage are those that have already turned a number of companies, and individuals, into success stories.

  • APTARE - Are you using Shameback

    APTARE - Are you using Shameback
    12.18.2013—My personal opinion has been that chargeback, full chargeback, because we have some sort of half steps, something in the U.S. we call shameback where you just do the reporting and then just shame the people into better behavior, but my opinion is that a full chargeback is the only true way to drive user behavior.

  • Computer Woche

    Speichermesse zeigt viele neue Architekturen
    11.5.2013—Storage bleibt spannend. Die Hersteller versuchen mit unterschiedlichen Herangehensweisen die Performance-Probleme im Speicherbereich zu beheben und der Datenvolumina Herr zu werden.

  • Storage Switzerland

    Storage Management - It’s Back on the Shopping List
    10.25.2013—Storage management tools have sometimes been viewed as a “nice to have” tool by many IT infrastructure planners, however, given all the complexities with efficiently managing resources in today’s highly virtualized server environments, it is quickly turning into a must have. APTARE is one of the few vendor independent storage management application providers left in the industry.

  • Next Gen Aptare Platform Bringing Storage and Backup Analytics to Cloud
    10.8.2013—APTARE, Inc. announced its StorageConsole 9.0.

  • APTARE brings storage analytics to the cloud with StorageConsole
    10.1.2013—APTARE Inc. today upgraded its StorageConsole backup and storage analytics suite, enabling customers to store and retrieve reports from the cloud.

  • How to Build a Long Term Relationship
    8.1.2013—APTARE's Nigel Houghton looks at helping end users achieve permanent value beyond a one-off IT assessment.

  • APTARE: Enterprise Storage Reporting, Monitoring, and Alerting Podcast with Walt Duflock
    6.17.13— In episode 180, Douglas Brown interviews Walt Duflock, Vice President of Marketing at APTARE, to discuss the enterprise storage environment. Walt explains the APTARE enterprise storage reporting, monitoring, and alerting solution, how it works, its benefits, what makes it stand out over the competition, and much more.

  • 10 Hot Products From EMC World To Hit The Storage Scene
    5.14.2013--EMC World 2013 was a big departure from the EMC World 2012 conference. Even so, there was no mistaking the interest from the crowded solutions pavilion in the Las Vegas Sands Convention Center where EMC and its friends both large and small regaled attendees with a wide range of new storage hardware, software and services.

  • Interview with Rick Clark, President & CEO of APTARE
    5.8.2013--What are the major industry trends you’re seeing today?
    RC: We see a major shift away from on-premises computing in customer data centers and toward public/private cloud resources.

  • APTARE Highlights Key Opportunities for Resellers
    4.22.13—The channel can help itself through a proactive approach to IT project engagement, says APTARE – and its customers. The storage specialist cautions IT service providers that there is a "diminishing requirement" for traditional storage resource management work, reflected by a big drop in customer interest in such projects in recent years.

  • Six storage projects your customers need your help with
    4.3.2013—Virtualisation and online services are changing the storage landscape, and the industry is moving away from SRM in favour of more effective management and monitoring technologies.

  • APTARE Validated by EMC
    3.27.2013—APTARE, Inc. announced that its StorageConsole is tested and validated as part of an EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure solution.

  • APTARE StorageConsole is EMC VSPEX Labs validated
    3.20.2013—APTARE says that APTARE® StorageConsole® is now successfully tested and validated as part of an EMC® VSPEX™ Proven Infrastructure solution.

  • SRM Market to Grow at 6% CAGR Over 2012-2016
    2.28.13—Research and Markets announced the Global Storage Resource Management Market 2012-2016 ($2,000) report. TechNavio's analysts forecast the global SRM market to grow at a CAGR of 6.32% over the period 2012-2016.

  • New EMC VSPEX Labs – Validation Has Its Privileges
    2.27.13—In April 2012 EMC launched VSPEX Proven Infrastructure solutions to help customers accelerate their journey to the cloud by delivering simple, efficient and flexible reference architectures based on best of breed components. We’ve now seen that 1,300 VSPEX solutions have been sold in less than nine months in over 40 countries!

  • Is 2013 The Year Of Storage Resource Management?
    2.5.13—For many organizations, storage management begins and ends with a spreadsheet. At the other end of the spectrum, there are a host of storage resource management (SRM) products that provide a range of storage functions including capacity and performance reporting/analysis, capacity/performance management automation, provisioning, management product integration, application and database integration, and hardware interation.

  • Aptare StorageConsole Backup Manager for CommVault Simpana
    2.5.13—APTARE, Inc. supports CommVault Simpana as part of its StorageConsole Feature Pack Four.

  • APTARE Supports NetBackup
    2.1.2013—Enterprise data centre optimisation specialists APTARE now supports Symantec NetBackup integrated deduplication as part of APTARE StorageConsole Backup Manager.

  • Storage roundtable part I: Watch out for DAS and SSD
    2.1.13—The storage market rarely stays still with customers continuing to add capacity and more formats emerging to give them ever greater options.

  • APTARE StorageConsole Backup Manager Supports Symantec NetBackup
    1.15.13—APTARE® now supports Symantec NetBackup™ integrated deduplication as part of APTARE StorageConsole® Backup Manager.

  • APTARE StorageConsole Backup Manager supports Symantec NetBackup
    1.16.13—APTARE® now supports Symantec NetBackup™ integrated deduplication as part of APTARE StorageConsole® Backup Manager. This enables CIOs and IT administrators to protect, store, recover and manage data centrally across heterogeneous backup environments from an end-to-end perspective.

  • APTARE StorageConsole Backup Manager supports Symantec NetBackup
    1.16.13—APTARE® now supports Symantec NetBackup™ integrated deduplication as part of APTARE StorageConsole® Backup Manager. This enables CIOs and IT administrators to protect, store, recover and manage data centrally across heterogeneous backup environments from an end-to-end perspective.

  • APTARE StorageConsole Backup Manager supports Symantec NetBackup
    1.16.13—APTARE® now supports Symantec NetBackup™ integrated deduplication as part of APTARE StorageConsole® Backup Manager. This enables CIOs and IT administrators to protect, store, recover and manage data centrally across heterogeneous backup environments from an end-to-end perspective.

  • Backup Manager continues to deliver the most heterogeneous data protection management solution
    1.31.13—APTARE Backup Manager enables CIOs and IT administrators to manage multi-vendor environments and provide solutions for reporting, monitoring, alerting and forecasting.

  • Backup Manager continues to deliver the most heterogeneous data protection management solution
    1.31.13—APTARE Backup Manager enables CIOs and IT administrators to manage multi-vendor environments and provide solutions for reporting, monitoring, alerting and forecasting.

  • Backup Manager continues to deliver the most heterogeneous data protection management solution
    1.31.13—APTARE Backup Manager enables CIOs and IT administrators to manage multi-vendor environments and provide solutions for reporting, monitoring, alerting and forecasting.

  • APTARE StorageConsole Capacity Extends
    1.23.13—APTARE now supports the HP 3PAR array as part of its StorageConsole Feature Pack Four. APTARE Capacity Manager enables CIOs and IT administrators to gain complete visibility into total storage capacity and storage utilisation across enterprise organisations.

  • Channel Pro

    Channel Pro: 2013 IT Storage Predictions
    12.17.12 — We ask the storage industry’s movers and shakers, including APTARE, what to keep an eye on in 2013.

  • APTARE: SNW Europe 2012
    11.7.12— W. Curtis Preston interviews Nigel Houghton, Regional Sales Manager EMEA for Aptare, at SNW Europe 2102 in Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Search Storage

    IP Expo 2012: an oldie's view
    10.29.12 — Finally, whatever underlying storage technologies a company deploys, controlling the environment is often a headache. Here I'll give a mention to Aptare.

  • Search Storage

    SRM tools include new metrics to meet needs of changing IT infrastructure
    4.19.12 — Storage resource management (SRM) tools are adapting to virtualization and other IT infrastructure changes. Learn about some new metrics for SRM tools that can increase visibility into your organization's storage efficiency.

  • ESG

    4 ways to beat data bloat
    1.18.12 — It is estimated that unstructured data — everything from email to spreadsheets, documents and digital media — accounts for at least 90% of an organization's data. You systems are bloated with everything from personal iTunes playlists to the early versions of that PowerPoint presentation you delivered in March.

  • ESG

    APTARE Introduces New File Analytics Package for Storage
    12.13.11 — For several years, Aptare has supplied trusted, open standards-based storage reporting, monitoring and alerting software products that increase the efficiency of enterprise storage deployments and reduce costs. Even though it's only been doing advanced reporting on enterprise backup environments for a short while, it has about 700 loyal enterprise customers, and that number is growing rapidly.

  • ESG

    Have you managed your unstructured data lately?
    12.9.11 — As data growth continues unabated, organizations are finding it more difficult to effectively manage their environments. ESG's annual spending survey reinforces that notion as respondents cited managing data growth as their number two IT priority, second only to increasing use of server virtualization.

  • InfoStor

    APTARE Takes Aim at Unstructured Data with File Analytics
    12.7.11 — Unstructured data comprises a large and growing percentage of enterprise data, creating information management, policy enforcement and risk mitigation challenges. Enterprise storage resource management specialist Aptare Tuesday unveiled StorageConsole File Analytics, a product it said can bring that problem under control by changing the way unstructured data is discovered, captured, profiled and analyzed.

  • Search Storage

    APTARE expands storage management software
    12.6.11 — Storage software vendor Aptare is branching out to managing file storage. The vendor today launched Aptare StorageConsole File Analytics, which helps discover and analyze unstructured data. Or, as Aptare CEO Rick Clark puts it, now Aptare "tames the beast of big data."

  • Silicon Angle

    APTARE's Paradigm Shift on Unstructured Data Management
    12.6.11 — The software leverages patented and patent-pending technology to sort through an organization's data, allowing users to optimize IT resources by automating the process of identifying out-of-place files.

  • Storage Bytes Now

    APTARE rolls out new file analytics product
    12.6.11 — APTARE, a storage resource management vendor, today announced a new software product, StorageConsole File Analytics, which discovers, captures, profiles and analyzes unstructured data.

  • Search Storage

    Rising Star APTARE Goes International with New EMEA Office
    11.23.11 — Enterprise storage management automator Aptare has gone international. The Campbell, Calif.-based company has expanded into Europe to work locally with prospective customers, resellers and partners in order to grow its business.

  • Search Storage

    Storage resource management software trends: Affordability, ease of use and extended support
    9.21.10 — One of the first storage resource management software decisions an IT shop faces is whether to go with comprehensive tools or suites from the major vendors or a less extensive third-party product from a smaller vendor. Or you could try one of the newer hosted SRM service offerings.

  • Storage Switzerland Article

    VMWorld Briefing Note - APTARE
    9.8.10 — What’s interesting about APTARE, aside from what their SRM solution does, is what they don’t do. They don’t require agents, making implementation and maintenance easier. Also, being independent they don’t tie you to a disk array vendor, as most SRM solutions do.

  • Computerworld Article

    A waste of space: Bulk of drive capacity still underutilized
    7.28.10 — Despite Fibre Channel and IP SAN adoption and the advent of technologies such as thin provisioning, storage resource management, capacity reclamation and storage virtualization, storage utilization rates remain at 40% or lower.

  • InfoTech


    APTARE Releases StorageConsole 8 to Enable 360 Degree View of the Storage System.
    6.24.10 — IT administrators face problems with the increasing complexity of today's storage environment. Most products only report on a limited scope which makes difficult to manage the company's entire storage environment.

  • The Register

    Aptare promises 'Web 2.0' storage management
    6.23.10 — Aptare has released a new version of its storage resource management (SRM) app called StorageConsole 8 that adds SAN fabric component coverage.

  • Storage Newsletter

    APTARE SRM StorageConsole 8
    6.22.10 — Enterprise storage resource management leader APTARE, Inc. announced a new release of its StorageConsole 8.

  • InfoStor

    APTARE adds SAN fabric monitoring to SRM suite
    6.22.10 — Aptare, one of the last pure-play enterprise storage resource management (SRM) software vendors, updated its StorageConsole SRM suite today.

  • Search Storage


    APTARE adds SAN change management to SRM suite
    6.22.10 — Aptare Inc. today released StorageConsole 8, adding a fabric management application to its suite of storage resource management (SRM) tools.

  • Virtual Strategy Magazine

    APTARE Introduces StorageConsole 8 - Podcast
    6.22.10 — Virtual Strategy Magazine speaks to APTARE CEO Rick Clark about the new StorageConsole 8 and enhancements to existing products.

  • 2010 Storage Superstars
    6.21.10 — Enter the storage visionaries. This group of talented individuals -- some of the smartest people on the planet -- live and breathe storage.

  • Processor Logo

    Storage Virtualization At A Glance 
    3.12.10 — Pooling Your Storage Resources Can Save Money & Improve Performance

  • Search Storage

    IT Managers Seeking — and Getting — More Help to Control Far-flung Assets
    3.10.10 — The No. 1 most talked-about product genre at Data Center World 2010 is data center management software.

  • Search Storage

    VM-specific software vs. traditional enterprise data backup software
    1.24.10 — There have been all kinds of tried-and-true solutions over the years. Probably the most popular one has been when something is not needed, you used to delete that set of files.

  • Improved enterprise storage management tools are needed, especially for data backup
    10.06.09 — The explosive growth of data storage is causing IT organizations to consider, even if only wistfully, making a case for the purchase of new storage resource management (SRM) tools.

  • InformationWeek

    Backup Vs. Recovery
    9.17.09 — One thing suppliers and analysts are quick to point out is that when it comes to data protection it is not about how well you backup, it is about how well you recover.

  • ChannelWeb Logo

    Top 20 Storage Products From VMworld
    9.14.09 — APTARE enhanced its new Aptare StorageConsole 7.1 Virtualization Manager, which looks at the storage sitting on virtual machines to help customers with planning, management and optimization of storage environments.

  • VMworld 2009: Storage vendors continue product updates around VMware 
    9.4.09 — Aptare Inc.'s StorageConsole 7.1 SRM and backup reporting software now offers predictive analysis and forecasting of VM storage utilization.

  • Network World

    Hot technology for the virtual world
    9.2.09 — Aptare has upgraded its flagship product to improve storage utilization in data centers using both physical and virtual servers. The new release adds support for VMware's vSphere and uses a virtualization manager to reclaim wasted storage dedicated to unused virtual machines.

  • APTARE Expands Virtual Component Offering
    9.1.09 — APTARE today announced upgrades to its flagship StorageConsole product suite. These enhancements help data center administrators effectively improve storage utilization in both physical and virtual server environments.

  • Live from VMworld
    9.1.09 — APTARE announced 7.1 at the show and it will be available on September 25th. The tools focus on VMware handling virtualization specific problems like lack of planning, limited enterprise view and VM sprawl.

  • Network World

    APTARE enhances storage management software
    9.1.09 — APTARE on Tuesday enhanced its storage management StorageConsole suite with the addition of reporting tools for virtual environments that show resource performance contention and identification of assets that may have been forgotten, underutilized, or overprovisioned.

  • Network World

    How to control your SAN
    8.25.09 — Ron Nutter talks with Rick Clark, CEO of Aptare, about the challenges of SANs growing at an exponential rate while the funding to manage them doesn't keep pace.

  • InformationWeek

    Deletion And Reclamation — The Ultimate Deduplication Strategy 
    8.12.09 — With all the products that are available today for optimizing storage through deduplication and/or compression, one of the best methods available is deletion and reclamation.

  • Data Storage, Data Backup and Storage Virtualization: 10 Best Practices for Implementing Cloud Storage
    8.9.09 — If a large or midsize enterprise isn't already investing in some sort of cloud component or service in its IT system, then one can bet that, at the very least, this topic is being discussed at the highest levels of decision-making.

  • Search Storage

    Q&A: Best backup reporting tools
    8.5.09 — These products are now referred to as Data Protection Management products. There are several in this space and we maintain a list of them on Backup Central. In alphabetical order, they are Aptare's Storage Console, Bocada's Enterprise, EMC Data Protection Advisor, Rocket Software's Servergraph. Symantec Veritas Backup Reporter, Tek-Tools Software's Storage Profiler and TSMworks.

  • Data backup reporting tools' trending features rank highly with backup administrators 
    7.21.09 — Data backup reporting tools have evolved to include trending and analysis features to better help in planning for backup data growth — a valuable asset for companies doing backups to tape, and especially for those backing up to disk.

  • Tech Republic

    Product Spotlight: APTARE StorageConsole Capacity Manager
    7.13.09 — The more storage installed in an enterprise's data center, the more likely it is that some of that storage space is under used. Finding and then reclaiming this dark storage, and putting it to productive use, is what the APTARE StorageConsole Capacity Manager is designed to do.

  • Network World

    How to handle an increasingly larger SAN?
    7.8.09 — Our SAN has increased in size several times in the past year. The different departments and users have been requesting yet more storage. Management had been receptive in the past to buying off to get more storage. They pushed back this time. How do I satisfy their concerns and get more storage to meet the requests I am getting?

  • Storage resource management tools for SMBs
    6.21.09 — In 2008, the IT group at the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), Newtown, PA, came under pressure from its Board to improve service reliability and continuity. LSAC provides technology-based services to more than 200 law schools.

  • Processor Logo

    Increase Control Over Storage Resources In VMware & NetApp Environments
    6.19.09 — In-depth data storage reporting is critical to efficient operations of any server environment, especially when performance and business continuity is of the utmost importance. APTARE released the most recent version of its StorageConsole solution to provide increased functionality and operational control with storage environments.

  • Automated Virtualization and Replication Management Integral to Delivering on the Full Promise of SRM
    5.13.09 — The introduction of Virtualization Manager and Replication Manager addresses two critical infrastructure needs of organizations. First, there is not an enterprise organization that is not enticed by the cost savings that virtualization offers.

  • Search Storage

    Hitachi Data Systems targets holistic management 
    5.13.09 — Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Corp. is broadening its data management software with three new applications today, including one that monitors data storage resources along with network and server devices.

  • Hitachi Uses Aptare to Bring Its Storage Portfolio Up to Date
    5.13.09 — New software options will provide HDS's customers with a more extensive management view beyond the storage system.

  • TMCnet

    Transforming the Marketplace: Virtualization and Cloud Computing
    5.5.09 — Virtualization, Cloud Computing Hosted Cloud Services – these aren’t just the buzz-words of today’s latest technology trends; they are the services that are transforming the marketplace for all types of businesses, in all verticals and all sizes. But what are they really, and why are colocation and data center facilities so important to their implementation?

  • Processor Logo

    APTARE StorageConsole 7.0
    4.24.09 — APTARE released the StorageConsole 7.0 with increased control of storage resources for VMware servers and NetApp environments.

  • InformationWeek

    Optimize Cloud Storage, Flash Storage and Deduplication
    4.10.09 — Tools and better storage systems can help make IT Administrators more efficient. The other option is to keep throwing new technology at the problem. Cloud Storage, Flash Storage and Deduplication are great examples.

  • Network World

    APTARE rolls out new SRM software
    4.2.09 — Storage resource management vendor APTARE this week announced its latest version of StorageConsole, software that gives IT managers better visibility into and control of their storage resources.

  • InfoStor

    APTARE SRM targets virtual servers
    4.1.09 — Storage resource management (SRM) software maker APTARE is now selling a new version of its StorageConsole software with new functionality for better control of storage resources within VMware virtual server and NetApp replication environments.

  • Search Storage

    APTARE widens SRM net to include VMware, NetApp replication
    4.1.09 — APTARE Inc. upgraded and expanded its StorageConsole storage resource management (SRM) suite this week, adding products to manage resources in VMware virtual server and NetApp replication environments.

  • Channel Register

    APTARE Goes Upgrade Crazy
    4.1.09 — APTARE has upgraded its Storage Resource Management (SRM) products to work better in a virtualised server world. It says its StorageConsole 7.0 suite gives users greater control of storage resources within VMware virtualised server and NetApp replication environments.

  • APTARE's StorageConsole Platform Receives Enhancements podcast
    3.31.09 — VSM speaks with Rick Clark about Virtualization Manager, an addition to the StorageConsole platform,

  • InformationWeek

    You Can't DeDupe IT Administration
    3.26.09 —Primary Storage Optimization is about putting more data in the same amount of physical space. Server Virtualization is about putting more virtual servers in the same physical space.

  • Infoworld

    16 ways IT can do less with less
    3.16.09 —Tough times call for tough measures. Layoffs and cutbacks are rampant. Even if your IT budget is relatively stable, you will probably be asked to do more with less.

  • SearchStorage Logo

    Back to Basics: Making Smart Storage Decisions During Tough Economic Times
    2.17.09 —Ah, those were the good old days. When the storage array looked to be at capacity, IT administrators simply requested more storage and the powers that be gladly signed off.

  • SearchStorage Logo

    How to manage storage resources in a server virtualization environment
    2.17.09 —Server virtualization in general, and VMware in particular, is supposed to help your customers reduce costs and save money by increasing the utilization of physical server hardware. For the most part, it works.

  • Product Releases
    12.27.08 —New from Aptare are its StorageConsole 6.5 and StorageConsole Capacity Manager products. StorageConsole 6.5 is an agentless, bridged platform that offers single Web 2.0 console access to backup reporting and storage management features.

  • Network World Logo

    8 Ways To Expense An iPhone
    12.17.08 —Management vendors have gotten wise to the fact that most in IT can't sit in front of monitoring consoles to detect problems and potential failures. Now several have designed their applications to run from the graphical user interfaces of iPhones and other smartphones.

  • IT Q3 Report Card: Financial Crisis Impacting IT Decision-Making
    10.29.08 —How is IT in general holding up in this volatile environment, and what are the prospects of various sectors going forward? That's what everyone wants to know, and about which few people are willing to go out on a limb and make predictions.

  • Aptare Upgrades StorageConsole
    10.28.08 —Today’s announcement strengthens APTARE’s ability to deliver unparalleled breadth and depth in storage reporting details. It extends the company’s competitive position as the provider of the industry’s most comprehensive easy-to-use end-to-end storage management and reporting platform.

  • BusinessWeek Logo

    Staying Creative: Success On A Shoestring
    8.14.08 —APTARE CEO Rick Clark explains how his company grew from two to over 50 employees from its inception 15 years ago and doubled revenues every year for the past four—without venture capital.

  • ChannelWeb Logo

    25 Coolest Emerging Vendors
    7.08 —Here is our list of the 25 coolest emerging vendors selected from our list of 178 companies in the CRN 2008 Emerging Vendors report. These are the sleek red Ferraris of the technology set zooming past your parents' Volvo.

  • Computer Magazine Logo

    Application Awareness Makes Storage More Useful
    7.08 —Traditionally, computer storage is divided into silos, with one application attached to a specific piece of “dumb” storage hardware. However, this model is no longer effective for all users because storage is no longer always a one size-fits-all concept.

  • ChannelWeb Logo

    27 Emerging Storage Vendors
    7.08 —Here is our list of the 27 emerging storage vendors selected from our list of 178 companies in the CRN 2008 Emerging Vendors report.

  • BusinessWeek Logo

    How Do You Stay Entrepreneurial?
    6.27.08 —APTARE CEO Rick Clark shares his tips on staying entrepreneurial and taking risks in an era of uncertainty.

  • Processor Logo

    Top Backup Problems & How To Avoid Them
    6.09.08 —These days, backing up data is significantly more complex and risky. Here are a few key backup problems SMEs face and ways either to avoid them or solve them.

  • SearchStorage Logo

    Vendors retool SRM apps
    3.08 —Storage resource management tools come in a variety of flavors and offer features that take steps toward automating your storage environment, while reporting on the efficiency of the installed storage systems.

  • 90% of APTARE's Customers Have 2008 Initiatives for Disk-Based Data Protection
    2.25.08 —APTARE's Clark says that it is essential that APTARE first deliver what their current and potential customers want to see in a reporting tool: (1) A centralized database; (2) A web-based GUI and (3) No agents.

  • SearchStorage Logo

    A New Level Of Backup Reporting
    2.08 —Backup success rates are improving, but reliable data recovery is still a concern. Not only does data loss impact business productivity and potentially revenue, but failure to produce data could result in fines or damage to a company's reputation. The good news is that a collection of vendor offerings has arrived to address the need to provide reporting beyond a single backup event.

  • Data Protection Management: A Good Fit For SMEs
    11.30.07—Backup failure and performance rank at the top of the list of issues that continue to perplex storage administrators on a daily basis.

  • Can Money Cramp Your Style?
    11.01.07—Does the promise of huge financial payoffs cramp the creativity of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs?

  • A standard that leaves out the good stuff?
    10.24.07—A specification meant to bring together storage device management under one umbrella instead continues to be criticized for its innate inability to enable interoperable functionality.

  • Checking Storage Capacity -- on an iPhone
    10.19.07—There's nothing like making a phone call, listening to a favorite MP3, then checking your company's storage capacity -- all on the same handheld unit. In this case, it's an iPhone.

  • Is Your Storage Vendor Ripping You Off?
    10.04.07—Not every bit and byte requires the best storage. Tier your storage and save money.

  • Aptare expands into capacity management
    8.30.07—StorageConsole Platform 6.5 now includes the ability to track storage capacity utilization to let storage administrators determine future storage needs.

  • Aptare adds capacity planning
    8.22.07—StorageConsole Platform 6.5 gives administrators access to the status of their backups, detailed insight into their heterogeneous storage environments, and the ability to run reports to check on storage capacity and utilization.

  • Aptare releases new version of StorageConsole software
    8.21.07—Aptare Inc., a provider of web-based storage reporting and management software, has announced on Monday a new release of StorageConsole software.

  • Backup Reporting Tools Become DPM
    8.20.07—Backup reporting specialist Aptare, which started life as a services company back in the early '90s, unveiled the addition of capacity management to its StorageConsole software.

  • Backup reporting expands to add capacity planning
    8.20.07—Aptare Inc. is the latest vendor of data storage reporting and monitoring tools to try to sweeten the pot for users by expanding the scope of its product.

  • What's Up With Centralized Storage?
    4.13.07—Rick Clark, president and CEO of APTARE, notes many of its customers found “connecting [storage] systems was the easy part; managing it was a nightmare.”

  • Capacity planning tools require serious purchase consideration
    4.11.07—Gauging storage needs over time is one of the biggest challenges faced by IT administrators, and a new generation of capacity planning tools is emerging to help forecast growth and utilization of storage resources.

  • IDC predicts rapid growth for DPRM
    3.26.07—A recent report from International Data Corp. (IDC) predicts that the worldwide data protection and recovery management (DPRM) market will grow from $58 million in 2006 to $200 million by 2011, representing a 28% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

  • Byte and Switch Awards Big Bytes
    9.13.06—Light Reading's Byte and Switch (, the premier online storage networking publication, today named the winners in its first annual Big Bytes Awards competition.

  • Byte and Switch Big Bytes Finalists Named
    8.30.06—Light Reading's Byte and Switch (, the premier online storage networking publication, today named the finalists in its first annual Big Bytes Awards competition.

  • Aptare upgrades DPM software
    7.26.06—Aptare added support for IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) software in the latest edition of its StorageConsole data protection management (DPM) software.

  • Six storage companies to watch
    7.24.06—In researching this story, analysts and others also pointed us to these two independent storage companies that, while not start-ups, are worth watching

  • Managed Services Resurge
    7.21.06 —Is managed storage back? Years after the "storage service provider (SSP)" model exited stage right, a flurry of recent announcements shows renewed interest. The question is, by whom? The chatter about new services may have as much to do with marketing as with actual revenues.

  • Users tame backup systems with reporting tools
    7.10.06 —As data grows everywhere and backup environments grow more and more difficult to manage manually, many enterprises are seeing the value in a separate reporting tool.

  • APTARE Manages backup
    6.27.06 —Using the centralized, Web-based portal, Aptare says storage administrators can increase the integrity of their data protection by being able to quickly identify unprotected data, improve capacity planning, increase performance and provide compliance with audits and legal discovery.

  • APTARE announces backup managed service
    6.26.06 —The software enables resellers and managed service providers to offer customers backup reporting and management...

  • APTARE Upgrades Data-Protection Software
    5.18.06—Aptare has added the latest edition of its StorageConsole data-protection management software as support for IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager.

  • APTARE Unveils Enhanced APTARE StorageConsole 5.1
    5.15.06—APTARE, Inc., provider of web-based data protection management software, today unveiled APTARE StorageConsole(R)5.1, the next major update of its enterprise backup reporting and management solution.

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