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APTARE Partner Program

APTARE is growing fast and have partnership opportunities for organizations like yours. The APTARE Partner Program provides organizations with a wealth of resources, programs, and incentives to grow your business.

We view our channel partners as an invaluable part of our sales and services organization. When you partner with APTARE, you partner with a company providing the only product providing customers with real-time reporting and management of their data protection and storage management infrastructure.

What we look for in Partners

APTARE is looking for partners with expertise in delivering comprehensive enterprise data center solutions into small, medium, and large enterprises and a history of successful sales into Fortune 500 accounts.


Why become a Partner

APTARE offers an independent look into all aspects of storage for large enterprise storage customers where a large heterogeneous environment makes unified monitoring difficult. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your leadership position in this fast growing space with repeat business. We’re eager to set you up for success!

Our partners can sell APTARE Storage Console Enterprise Edition, which is installed at the customer site. Additionally, our partners can offer APTARE StorageConsole as a managed service to their customers (read more on benefits of being an APTARE Managed Service Provider). Partners can host an unlimited number of accounts from a single portal with the security of knowing each customer will only see their own data.

APTARE StorageConsole Enterprise Edition

  • Web-based architecture makes it easy to install at a customer site
  • Locally hosted at customer's location
  • Traditional software license pricing
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APTARE StorageConsole Managed Services Edition

  • Hosted by the MSP
  • Unlimited number of customers can be hosted on one secure portal
  • Customers access APTARE StorageConsole via a secure web browser
  • Subscription-based pricing eliminates "getting started" costs
  • Can be rebranded with MSP's brand
  • Integrates seamlessly into MSP environment
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Partner Program Benefits

APTARE wants you to be successful. As a result, we provide the following:

  • Partner portal with the latest collateral and training materials you need to be successful
  • Co-op development funds
  • Evaluation and demo support
  • Lead sharing
  • Joint promotions, press releases, and webinars
  • Deal registration
  • Product documentation
  • Pre-sales support to help you demonstrate and sell APTARE products to your customers