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APTARE StorageConsole Replication Manager

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  • Gives you insight into the storage required for snapshot and mirror volumes while reporting wasted capacity
  • Provides real-time alerts should replication fall outside established policies or compliance requirements
  • Allows you to allocate the true costs of data protection

The protection of mission-critical data is, well, mission critical. Organizations are often faced with the precarious balancing act of ensuring the compliance policies and service-level agreements are met while managing tight budgets. APTARE® StorageConsole® Replication Manager allows storage administrators to proactively view and monitor storage replication environments by actually measuring if they are in compliance with existing business continuity objectives.

APTARE StorageConsole Replication Manager helps organizations get a better understanding of how to manage costs of their data replication environments by obtaining usage statistics for each individual replication volume at both the source and destination storage systems, examining the impact of moving destination replication volumes to lower-cost storage systems (tiered storage) and producing chargeback reports based on replication consumption levels, along with associated costs based on user-defined pricing.

Replication Manager is fully integrated into the APTARE® StorageConsole® platform and is 100 percent compatible with all of our other products and solutions.