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APTARE® StorageConsole® Virtualization Manager software puts the spotlight on your entire virtual IT environment, enabling you to plan, manage and optimize your virtual storage requirements. 

The proprietary APTARE technology provides a clear window into your existing physical and virtual storage infrastructure, ensuring that you will be well equipped to improve the efficiency and ROI of current and future storage resources. Storage virtualization management has never been easier.


  • View entire virtual storage environment vis-a-vis physical storage resources
  • Tunes each virtual machine for optimal performance
  • Maximizes use of existing equipment that supports virtual environments
  • Illuminates actual usage vs. allocation of virtual storage
    • Shines spotlight on resource utilization
    • Provides chargeback reports based on actual usage
    • Provides individualized runtime statistics
  • Predictive analysis engine forecasts future needs
    • Details historical and current resource allocation
    • Report on resource-specific allocation and usage trends
Physical Disk Performance Summary (click to enlarge)
Physical Disk Utilization (click to enlarge)
VM Performance Summary (click to enlarge)
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VM Summary (click to enlarge)
VM Server Detail (click to enlarge)
VM Server Summary (click to enlarge)
VM Size Forecast (click to enlarge)
Physical Disk Performance Over Time (click to enlarge)
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Datastore Usage Breakdown (click to enlarge)
VM Performance Over Time (click to enlarge)